“The government’s eco-edict that all new cars be electric in 15 years is doomed to backfire – because old bangers can be greener, says JOHN NAISH” The Daily Mail on Electric cars

My daily reading for news comprises the BBC, the FT, the Guardian and the Daily Mail. Its about balance. The Guardian and the Daily Mail are the bookends of this quartet. But the Daily Mail is important given its reach, it was second only to the BBC in hits during the 2019 General Election on its website.

So, what it says about reducing emissions reaches a lot of people and influences a lot of people. I’m posting this article, because I think there is a significant amount of hidden hostility to the Green agenda, that the Green lobby don’t hear or come across and because the issues raised can’t be ignored, they have to be addressed. A discussion in a facebook group I’m in about Tree Planting raised many of the points in this article.

So what is the response to this?

“Confused over the ban on sales of all new petrol, diesel and hybrid cars from 2035? Here’s what I – a former Fleet Street motoring editor – will be doing to help save the planet, says JOHN NAISH.”


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