An inconvenient truth – flying and zero carbon

I read the FT piece “Tips for Greener Trips”. Let me start by saying I flew a lot, mea culpa. That’s why I planted 7,000 trees.

When I read LinkedIn posts it’s interesting how many of them are about, “I’m flying somewhere”. A “necessity” in a globalised world. Global business, conferences, multilateral organisations, aid organisations, service providers, the UN, the World Bank, the EU, friends and families, they all mean flying. But are we addicted to flying? We weren’t 50 years ago.

But some flying is discretionary.

I’m writing a series of blogs about how we can’t achieve zero carbon and fly to the extent we currently do. How offsetting doesn’t work with a zero carbon target (its just financing) and why aviation has managed to agree lower emission targets than other terrestrial sectors. Why it doesn’t pay fuel duty or VAT on international flights, when you do on the fuel for your car or your train.

There isn’t a green way to fly, we will need to fly less.

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