Be careful with green claims

My post about Hydrogen as a fuel described how 95% of hydrogen is produced from fossil fuels. It cannot be described as a zero carbon option. So I was disappointed to find the following on the Shell website

I have written about the need to Question Everything in terms of green claims, about the danger of greenwash by governments, business and the green sector. In that regard the following quote from the Shell website in the “The Great Travel Hack” illustrates the dangers of accepting things at face value.  

The Great Travel Hack is all about keeping CO2 emissions as low as possible. To do that, the teams will need to make use of lower carbon fuels on their journey across the US. Luckily for them, there are more vehicles than ever powered by cleaner fuels, both on and off roads.”

Hydrogen is one of the most abundant elements in the universe. But more than just being abundant, it has properties that means it can power a number of different types of transportation. Vehicles fitted with hydrogen fuel-cells convert compressed hydrogen from their fuel tanks into electricity that powers the electric motor of a vehicle, providing a similar range to vehicles powered by internal combustion engines. And the best part? Whilst driving, hydrogen-powered vehicles only emit heat and water vapour.”  

Just reading this, one would not guess that 95% of hydrogen is produced from fossil fuels which is a rather startling omission from Shell, the key quote is Whilst driving, hydrogen-powered vehicles only emit heat and water vapour. No mention of the carbon emitted in production! In terms of the transition to zero carbon, we do need to Question Everything and corporates need to be careful with their PR.

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