Covid 19, & China

A number of members of my family have posted some disbelief about the number of deaths and disclosure about Covid 19 in China. Despite the disclosure of an additional 1200 deaths today by the Chinese authorities, scepticism about disclosures does not appear misplaced.

At the moment, there is generally a lack of explanation of the differing effects of covid 19 in different countries. In the Nordic countries Norway has twice the cases of Finland, Denmark twice Norway and Sweden twice Denmark. Why?

But China also poses some interesting questions. As the attached map shows, large areas of China were barely affected by covid 19, even though they were only a short distance from Wuhan (the epicentre). Neither Beijing nor Shanghai were badly affected. Why? China had a very vigorous lockdown, but lots of people were moving around China before the lockdown for Chinese New Year, so why didn’t the virus spread widely within China if 5 million people from Wuhan travelled around China?

The six western Chinese provinces each had less than 100 cases of covid 19, so less than 600 cases in total. Yet Cuba has had over 800 cases. This all seems strange.

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