Climate denial and personal choice denial – barriers to net zero

I’ve given 10 talks over 2021 on the issues which reaching net zero will provide. The range of responses has been fascinating as has the level of understanding ranging from excellent to a real ignorance. After one of the meetings there was an exchange led by some who were in complete denial about man made climate change, here is a quote:

“It is clear that Mr B is convinced that human beings have the power to have a significant effect on the immense forces of nature which cause, and have always caused, climate change.   He will not be convinced otherwise and I do not intend to try.

I am however concerned that “climate-change” has become highly politicised.  It has become a multi-billion dollar industry which channels vast amounts of public money into universities and other research institutions and media outlets and commercial enterprises which support and promulgate and benefit from its views. By contrast there is little or no funding for those who do not agree with them. In particular, for many years the BBC has failed in its duty to examine both sides of this very important case. We have now reached the point that the climate change industry worldwide has become a quasi religion which will not tolerate dissent and which demands obedience from governments and people alike.”

These views still exist although they are often under the surface.

What is equally interesting is that people who recognise climate change and the need to do something about it, but are not prepared to change their lifestyle. After a lengthy discussion about fossil fuel heating (gas central heating) someone said “but Chris you’re not going to take my gas central heating away from it, I love it”.

Many of us are aware of climate change denial, but probably the more significant issue is personal change denial, a refusal to see the change in lifestyle which net zero inevitably involves. Unless individuals are prepared to change, net zero will not be achieved.

Please get in touch if you would like me to give a talk or host a discussion of issues either in person or using zoom, etc. I have spoken to amenity groups, universities and church groups so far. Happy to talk to commercial organisations.


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