I decided I had to write about how the challenges we face in reducing emissions. I believe we do need to remove carbon, but we need realistic plans and timescales to do this, sharing the burden across society fairly and keeping our economies competitive within a world where not all countries are reducing their emissions at the same pace.

I planted a wood of 7000 trees in Wiltshire, England in 2012, of 16 acres which I manage. I have a Solar roof installation and an Air Source Heat Pump.

Zero Carbon Our Choice

“Zero Carbon Our Choice” . This book analyses UK GHG emissions and the issues in reducing them in each sector. It shows that 50% of emissions arise from personal decisions.

The book explores the international issues with decarbonisation and sets out the decisions we need to make to achieve zero carbon.

Air Source Heat Pump

“I’ve just finished your book and am hugely impressed by it. It is actually the book I’ve been waiting for because it transcends the wailing and aspirational posturing, and instead comprehensively scopes out the challenge. I also happen to agree with all you say about the relative roles of government and individuals. It’s a terrific achievement.”

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”

Albert Einstein

Onshore Wind

Three key decisions for the UK. Air Source Heat Pumps for gas heating, Electric Cars and Onshore Wind.

Let’s build something together.