Coal – Germany and the UK – How the German Greens are increasing emissions

Dattlyn 4 Coal Power station

Last week saw two announcements about coal power generation.

In the UK, no coal was burnt generating power for a continuous two month period.

In Germany, a new coal power station opened.

This may seem surprising, that Europe’s largest economy is opening coal powered power plants, but the reason is the need for baseload power as more power generation comes from intermittent renewables.

In the UK, that baseload comes from nuclear and gas. But in Germany it is from coal because nuclear is being phased out, as a result of Green Party pressure within the government. So, due to Green opposition to nuclear, Germany’s emissions will stay high and may increase as the use of coal continues for the next twenty years at least.

A bizarre outcome. And until power storage is increased dramatically to store renewable electricity, the issue of baseload will continue. Is it really better to use coal rather than nuclear?

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