Why read this blog?

My name is Chris Lenon. I have a business background. I began thinking about climate change from a business perspective as a senior corporate tax adviser in 2000. I have considerable experience dealing with the OECD, the EC, and governments around the world. This has given me a unique global perspective, combined with an understanding of how major investment decisions are made, and how they can go wrong.

I decided to write “Zero Carbon Our Choice” because media coverage on climate change and emissions is piecemeal, and does not give the public the full picture. While most agree that reducing carbon emissions and tackling climate change is the biggest challenge we currently face, few realise the extent of the decisions and changes required, and how they will impact our lives. My intention is to stimulate debate and facilitate action.

I live in London, with my family, and blog on Tax and the Environment and Zero emissions at www.zerocarbonourchoice.com . I take every opportunity to manage the wood in Wiltshire comprising some 7,000 trees planted in 2012. This site is not sponsored in any way.